Specific programs for You

It is important to find a dog that will match your behaviors.

Our Dog Wish Service Dogs are custom selected, trained and function according to the need and desire of each individual recipient. Their performance is Taylor’s according to your lifestyle and home environment, particular interests and needs.

Dog Wish Service Dogs are given the most comprehensive training you will find. (Very few people have any idea of the sensitive, complicated and detailed work that it takes to produce each and every Dog Wish Service Dog we place.) The technology involved demands several fields of advanced dog training programs, combined and integrated to produce each dog. Dog Wish is the ONLY organization that can produce the quality of K9 with these qualities.

We have enjoyed unparalleled success with our scent detection program. We train every dog to search out and find scented articles that are imprinted with their new handler’s scent. When we work the dogs we do so wearing a garment that smells like their new handler. We have scented towels the dogs rest and sleep on that smell like their handler. What an impact this has on the dogs! Search and rescue is now a commonplace occurrence for us. Pre-detection and alert is a matter-of-fact. The dogs go to their new companion and handler already knowing them, thorough their scent.

Our program is created and designed to increase a balance in the left-brain, right-brain behaviors and functionality in the dog, the handler and everyone involved with dog training. It helps create a neurological balance in the handler which increases the potential for every good desire you have for that person. It is uniquely designed to work with the mind of someone on the Autistic Spectrum of disabilities.

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Comprehensive Training by Dogwish
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