About Our Training

Our Goal

At Dog Wish, our goal is to train each Service Dog we produce the essential behaviors that will make them the perfect dog for you.

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Using Energy to Train

We believe in a natural flow of cosmic energy that pervades the universe, connects us all, teaches, and heals us, as we use it.

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The Dog Wish Experience

The Dog Wish Training Experience

Why Dog Wish Works Better!

The “Dog Wish” experience is founded in the historical, empirical, universal, scientific, human search for answers. Where do answers come from, how can we use them and how, if we can’t find the right one, do we create the right answer?

I have for 40 years spent every day solving problems. Thirty five years ago I became the California State Behaviorist and the Orange County Behaviorist and have been resolving dog problems in their communities since then.

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