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Dog Wish Service Dogs for People with P.T.S.D.

I have been wanting to write about PTSD for some time now but the subject contains such critical material that it has been difficult for me to address it and I have waited to write until I was sure of what to say. Living with PTSD to many of us is like living in a trapped existence, struggling for survival against your own mind, powerless to control what your mind feeds you, victimized by your own life experiences. My personal recovery has helped me greatly to understand and be empathic when responding to others. I must state that I have recovered, I AM in total control of my brain, my emotional state and my mental state of mind, for which I am very grateful and happy.

I receive from 3 to 15 new emails and phone calls each day from people who are suffering from PTSD, extreme panic attacks and acute anxiety, asking if we train dogs to help those with these neurological disorders. The answer is simply for 30 years now I have trained dogs for all neurological disabilities and disorders. At Dog Wish we concentrate on the answers to our clients needs not the problems they have.

The people who have been and are contacting me are reaching out to find resolution to problems that their doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, therapists, etc have not been able to help them find. Most of them have been told that their particular situation is not resolvable and that they must live with their dilemma for life, which gives them great depression. So far, I have found that is just simply NOT TRUE. Our Dog Wish Service Dogs have helped every single handler so far. Many of our clients were incapable of resolving their problems without our dogs but found resolution quickly with them. The following are a few examples of people with problems we have resolved.

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